What is a Salvage Discount?

Can I have lumber or furniture made from my tree?

These are our favorite questions to answer at Chop.  The Chop team expends great energies and research to preserve standing hardwood trees.  However, when the best and sometimes only option for a tree is its removal then we evaluate the tree for potential hardwood lumber for our sister company Chop Studios, who works to mill and repurpose hardwoods.  With this unique partnership we are able to offer tree work discounts on unique trees which, with milling and drying/maturation will be put back into the world as lumber and furniture.  Even more exciting than the potential savings, our sister company can make you a table from your very own tree - tree to table!  Check out our guidelines for a salvageable tree and visit Chop Studios online to see what beauty is within our trees. 


Can we repurpose your tree?

A salvageable tree is

- Almost any size or shape walnut tree

- Other hardwoods more than 30 inches in diameter

- Mostly straight for 8 feet

- Not a Hackberry or Bradford Pear

- Free of major decay in trunk

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Our lumber inventory will be made available online in the coming weeks.  If you'd like to inquire on availability of lumber as a woodworker or have a home or commercial design/build project you'd like discuss with us don't hesitate to call or write below.  As our supply is becoming ready for use we've been creating and enabling tree to product pieces and projects with everyone from homeowners and hobbyist to high level craftsman and custom homebuilders.